Band Of Brothers


As a band of brothers we are in this for many reasons, but mostly because we feel led to share our passion and our talent with others.  It's not just a fun idea or a passing urge to be a rock's what we were destined to do before we came here.  We believe a family is given this kind of powerful tool for a purpose.  And our mission is to find out why and not look back.

Although we are just as dedicated to this goal as anybody, we won't follow the crowd just to get in the right doors and we refuse to compromise principles that make us who we are. We are not willing to put our own desire for personal success in front of our responsibility to lead and provide for our families. They just mean too much to us and time flies so fast. In a very real way, we are already at a disadvantage for taking this stance.  

We have put deep thought into this and we have decided together that there must be a way to enjoy the positive aspect of sharing our music with the world without the negative effects that are almost always attached.  And it all comes down to doing things a little differently. But we are convinced that because we are willing to take a stand for the MOST important things in life first, we will be given opportunities and open doors.  

None of us can picture doing this without the bond that brothers have.  It just wouldn't mean the same, wouldn't feel the same, and definitely wouldn't sound the same if it didn't come out of the mouths and fingers of brothers who have been singing and playing together in every setting imaginable for as far back as we can remember.  We are naturally competitive but also fiercely protective and supportive and frankly we just have a blast when we hook up.  We've enjoyed moderate success from year to year but now are hitting a whole new commitment level.  

To get where we know we can go we need fellow believers on our team.  If you know deep down that it's just right to pursue a dream that can bring fulfillment and purpose to your life... Then help us spread our music and mantra and together we'll make some seriously cool things happen. Our Faith, our Family, and you...our Friends. That's how we roll.