Backyard of Nathan Harvey

The Hinckley Brothers

The Hinckley Brothers are a mainstream new-country brothers band from Knoxville, TN

This song came as I met the Harvey family from Norwood, LA and heard about how a husband, dad, and all-around good guy was lost suddenly earlier this year. He left behind a wife and two young daughters, one of which had been born only 8 days previous. The stories I've been told of him, although we never met, were enough to inspire me to write this song in honor of him and for those who he's left behind to remember him by. Being in his back yard working and building seemed like I was on holy ground and in a way I did not feel worthy to do something he would've done. But I know that he would be happy that some joy was brought back to his home and we hope this song helps the family heal and continue to remember Nathan in the best way... as a man who was kind, hard-working, motivated, and above all who loved his little family.

"The Backyard of Nathan Harvey" D. Hinckley 2016

Red door swings in the bayou breeze Sunshine warms the fallen leaves Just seems like another autumn day In the Backyard of Nathan Harvey In the Backyard of Nathan Harvey

The faded stars and stripes are flying proud Radio humming in the background Acorns are falling all around In the Backyard of Nathan Harvey

And then a little four-year-old girl Comes flying out his back door She climbs up on his back and she laughs And she believes he's coming back

Shop still lit in the back real soft Where he keeps his drills and bucks and saws She can't bring herself to turn it off In the Backyard of Nathan Harvey

It will be four months this Saturday A new baby girl had just barely came She'd known her daddy for just eight days

But he worked hard every day And he loved his family And now two pretty little girls, they play In the Backyard of Nathan Harvey In the Backyard of Nathan Harvey

She says mama why'd he have to go Mama says only Jesus knows But when you need him here he'll always be close In the Backyard of Nathan Harvey

In the Backyard of Lizzie Harvey

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